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Abudraham HaShalem (2 vol.)

Abudraham HaShalem (2 vol.)

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Rabbi David lived in Seville, Spain (late 13th-14th century). This book which enjoyed much popularity, is his major work. It contains a clear insightful commentary on the prayers and blessings, a compendium customs, a discussion of the obligation of reciting the Shema; the laws of prayer; and the various categories of blessings. Much of the halachic materials of his work is quoted in halachic codes, especially in Beit Yosef. Also included, his composition TASHLUM ABUDRAHAM, a running commentary on the Temple Avodah liturgy recited on Yom Kippur.

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By: Rabbi David Abudraham | Publisher: Machon Machon Even Yisrael | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 2 | Pages: 700 | Binding: Hard |

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