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ALEI DESHE: Thoughts on Jewish Education

ALEI DESHE: Thoughts on Jewish Education

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ALEI DESHE: Thoughts on Jewish Education
In Memory of Mrs. Dannie Grajower z"l

Edited and with a Foreword by Rabbi Isaac Rice

Dannie (Epstein) Grajower z”l was a remarkable and inspiring educator, pillar of her community, and beloved and devoted daughter, sister, wife and mother. Alei Deshe: Toughts on Jewish Education, produced in her memory, contains two sections. The first consists of essays on Jewish education from senior educators. The second presents curricula and class notes that Dannie used in her own teaching over the course of a number of years. It is our hope that this volume will serve as an inspiration and guide to current and future educators, as well as a testimony to the incredible impact that Dannie had on her students, her family and her community. May her memory be for a blessing.

About the Author
Rabbi Isaac Rice teaches Judaic Studies and heads the Halacha department at the SKA High School for Girls in Nassau County, NY and is a rabbi at Congregation Anshei Chesed in Hewlett, NY.

Part I: Articles
Rabbi Moshe Benovitz: Teaching Our Children 
Rabbi Adam Englander: Motivation from Within
Rabbi Etan Epstein: שכרו של יהושע במעשה המרגלים
Rabbi Reuven Fink: A Unique Perspective in Teaching the Purim Narrative from the Yosef Lekach 
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg: One of a Kind 
Rabbi Jay Goldmintz: Personalizing Torah 
Rabbi Yisrael Kaminetsky: “ :”עד שתהא השלהבת עולה מעליה Modeling, Influence, and Independence in Jewish Education 
Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Kobrin: On Becoming a Chacham Lev 
Rabbi Gary Menchel: Eternal Lessons from a Very Special Mechanechet: A Guide for Jewish Educators
Rabbi Isaac Rice: Returning the Seder to Its Glory 
Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg: The Game is Afoot! Gamifying Mishna in Fifth Grade
Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter: The Future of the Past: On Creating Meaningful Jewish Memories for our Students 
Dr. Karen Shawn: Mourning and Mending: Finding the Balance in Teaching about the Holocaust 
Mrs. Hadassah Smolarcik: The Key to Unlock Student Potential 
Rabbi Mordechai Willig: Teaching Torah

Part II: Classes of Mrs. Dannie Grajower z”l
Rabbi Josh Grajower 
Gabriella Englander 
Outline of the Classroom and this Compilation 
Topic 1: קדושים תהיו + מורא אב ואם/שבת
A. Content/Material Taught (Mrs. Grajower’s Notes)
B. Outline and Worksheets for Students 
C. Concluding Assessment(s) 
Topic 2: Tattoos
A. Articles and Worksheets for Students 
B. Concluding Assessment 
Topic 3: רכילות + לא תעמוד על דם רעך
A. Content/Material Taught (Mrs. Grajower’s Notes)
B. Outline and Leveled Worksheets for Students 
C. Concluding Projects 
Topic 4: Rebuke
A. Outline and Worksheets for Students 
B. Concluding Assessment(s) 
End of Chapter Worksheets

by: Rabbi Isaac Rice I Hardcover: 216 Pages I Urim Publications 2021 I ISBN: 978-1-60280-432-6

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