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Alternative Medicine in Halachah

Alternative Medicine in Halachah

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Until now, a great deal of confusion has prevailed regarding the halachic status of energy medicine.

Is hands-on healing a form of avodah zarah? May one consult a kinesiologist? Is homeopathy permitted? Many rabbanim and poskimare not necessarily familiar with these modalities, and thus far there was no authoritativesefer dedicated to these issues, making it often very difficult to receive a halachic psak for such questions.
In this long-awaited sefer, Rabbi Rephoel Szmerla clarifies for us the halachah regarding various alternative therapies, by presenting what each therapy is, explaining how it works, and discussing its halachic permissibility. In the process, he sheds light on many prohibitions, such as kishuf,nichush, kesimah, darchei ha'Emori, and more.
This comprehensive work is grounded in a thorough understanding of alternative medicine and an in-depth knowledge of halachah. It is full of eye-opening concepts contained in Talmudic writings, guaranteeing a fascinating reading experience for both the scholar and layman

Author: Rabbi Rephoel Szmerla,Dimensions: 6"x 9",Format: Hardcover,Length: 640 pgs,Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications

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