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Amazing Hypnotherapy Tales

Amazing Hypnotherapy Tales

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Healing With Hypnosis The Jewish Way

Fascinating. Wondrous. Transformative. Healing.

With sixteen mind-blowing true patient accounts, Amazing Hypnotherapy Tales reveals to its readers the truth of the mind-body connection and the power of the mind for creating change.

SHAINDEL said, "I was cursed! That's my problem."

Shaindel's firmly held belief affected her body negatively. Once she rid herself of this destructive conviction, her physiology changed, allowing for a positive response to fertility treatments.

NAOMI's cancer broke her spirit. "Chemo is poison, the hospital is a butcher shop, and I despise my doctor - she's a robot, not human! She studies the chart, asks some questions, and writes instructions. No personal interaction. I'm just a number."

Naomi's attitude needed reframing. Once she reversed her negative mindset - and she did! - healing became a real possibility.

Author Bracha Pearl Toporowitch I ISBN 9781952370557 I Number of pages 208 I Publisher Mosaica Press

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