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Anatomia del Alma - Rabi Najman De Breslov (Spanish)

Anatomia del Alma - Rabi Najman De Breslov (Spanish)

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Throughout Biblical literature mention is made of various G-dly powers that the human being possesses. But it is the Kabbalah which explains the creation of the world within the Vacated Space, the formation of the Supernal Universes, the Diving Persona and the Ten Sefirot. It also explains how mankind, the physical human, corresponds to the entire array of vast spiritual powers and attributes that G-d created.

"Anatomy of the Soul", based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810), a leading chassidic master, and his closest disciple, Reb Noson (1780-1844), explores these ideas and the spiritual and mystical powers of man in a practical manner. It provides a study of each aspect of the human body: the Skeletal and Muscular systems, the Circulatory and Respiratory system, the Reproductive Systems, etc. showing how they relate to the Ten Sefirot, the five levels of the soul and the power of control that a physical person can have upon the hidden spiritual universes.

Rebbe Nachman makes it abundantly clear: Every person - without exception - can immediately begin to affect change in his life according to the effort he puts in. One can ascend the spiritual ladder and internalize greater enlightenment.

By: Jaim Kramer | Publisher: Breslov Instit | Language: Spanish | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 550 | Binding: Soft |

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