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Anshei HatZadik - Breslov (3 Vol.)

Anshei HatZadik - Breslov (3 Vol.)

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A new, unique,sensational sefer featuring the biographies of all Breslover figureheads and personalities,from the time of Rebbe Nachman until this past generation.Contains photographs,documents,and vivid descriptions of each tzadik , his accomplishments ,and the legacy that he left over.It is evident that the author went through painstaking labor to produce so complete a sefer,leaving little over to our imagination.New historical facts are revealed for the first time,shedding light on a bygone era.A must for every Breslover Chasid! The third volume concentrates on the fifth generation of Breslov particularly to those that lived in Poland.It also contains a special section on the topic of hiskashrus latzadikim -attaching oneself to a tzadik


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