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Arba'ah Turim HaShalem : Hamaor Murchevet Edition (23 volumes)

Arba'ah Turim HaShalem : Hamaor Murchevet Edition (23 volumes)

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Also abbreviated as Tur, is an important work of Jewish law, composed by Rabbi Yaakov ben Asher ("Ba'al ha-Turim") of Spain (1270-1340). In it, the author traces practical Jewish law from the Torah text and the dicta of the Talmud through the Rishonim.

Rabbi Yaakov Ben Asher used the code of Rabbi Yitzchak Alfasi as his starting point, and these views are compared to those of the Rambam, as well as to the French and German (Ashkenazi) traditions that were contained in the Tosafist literature.

The Arba'ah Turim consists of four parts:
Orach Chayim - laws of prayer and synagogue, Shabbat and holidays
Yorei De'ah - laws of shechita and kashrut
Even ha-Ezer - laws of marriage and divorce
Choshen Mishpat - laws of finance, financial responsibility, damages (personal and financial) and interest

In contradistinction to Maimonides Mishneh Torah, Tur only deals with the areas of Jewish law that are applicable in exile; the work also differs in that it is not limited to normative positions, but compares the various opinions on any disputed point. In most instances, Rabbi Yaakov follows the opinion of his father Rabbi Asher ben Yechiel (the "Rosh").

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By: Rabbi Yaakov ben Asher | Publisher: Machon Hamaor | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 23 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 9.75 inch. X 13.5 inch. |

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