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Brit Menucha - Rabbi Avraham of Rimon

Brit Menucha - Rabbi Avraham of Rimon

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A 14th century kabbalah book which deals with names of angels and their role in the universe. This profound kabbalistic work was acclaimed by Rabbi Moshe Cordevero to be the product of Divine Inspiration, for no one could perceive such hidden secrets by intellect alone. The Ari called it a penetrating and completely reliable kabbalistic source, revealed to the author by Eliyahu the Prophet. There is an introduction in this book by Machon Ramchal, analyzing the influence of 'Brit Menucha' on the Ramchal.

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By: Rabbi Avraham of Rimon (Granada) | Publisher: Machon Ramchal | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 186 | Binding: Hard |Out Of Stock

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