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Building, Maintaining And Nurturing Relationships

Building, Maintaining And Nurturing Relationships

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How can we create more positive relationships?

Why is it so hard to get along with some people?

Can I save a soured relationship?

What if only one party is willing to work on a relationship?

Rabbi Aryeh Goldman, a mashpia with years of experience in helping others with their relationships, tackles these questions and more, sharing Torah-based insights in clear and relatable language.

This carefully structured book takes a realistic and honest, as well as optimistic and encouraging approach to the challenges that face us as we try to navigate the sticky but crucial realm of interperson¬al relationships.

Rabbi Goldman digs to the roots of these challenges and shows how we can strengthen our own inner-characters and motivate ourselves to build stronger relationships and achieve real growth in every area of our lives.

Rabbi Aryeh Goldman

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