Burning Questions

Burning Questions

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A Novel

Three young men set out in the dead of night from Yerushalayim to Chevron -- and the explosion that follows echoes for decades.

When a successful building contractor suffers a mortal injury at the hands of an infuriated Arab laborer, his family and friends are sent on a shocking journey that spans present-day Israel, pre-Holocaust Poland, and mid-twentieth century New York.

Meanwhile, a newly renovated building in the Old City houses a yeshivah that has been forced to relocate. Who are the three young men who arrive once a week carrying mysterious suitcases? Why are security cameras tracking every movement in the building? And why is an elderly rebbe calling upon his faithful chassidim to raze the mosques on the Temple Mount?

Burning Questions is a fast-paced thriller that sweeps across  eras and continents and cultures. Meet the varied cast as they confront a formidable adversary who wants to upend the Middle East and drag Israel into a war against its many enemies. Yair Weinstock's latest novel will keep you captivated until every last burning question is answered.

By Yair Weinstock

Author: Yair Weinstock I Dimensions: 6"x 9" I Format: Hardcover I ISBN: 978-1-60091-898-8 I Length: 592 I Publisher: Tfutza Publications

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