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Carta's Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem(Hebrew)

Carta's Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem(Hebrew)

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A comprehensive visual exploration of the Holy Temple, its sacred vessels, and the Divine service. Hundreds of beautiful color pictures, with informative and lucid captions, shed light on a variety of fascinating Temple-related issues: the saga of Mount Moriah; the history of the Temple from the desert to the destruction; the Temple's structure; the sacred vessels and instruments; the priestly garments; women in the Temple; the Divine service; the High Holidays and Pilgrim Festivals, and more.

Because of its profound content and striking beauty, evinces some of the Holy Temple's original splendor and glory, and thus bestows majesty and distinction upon the Sanctuary and Divine service that was performed there throughout the years.

Researched and written by The Temple Institute's top Temple scholars, and illustrated with the work of the many fine artists and craftsmen associated with the Institute, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem is a must for all whose spirit has been captivated by the history and significance of the Holy Temple, and its anticipated role in the future of all mankind. [full color; profusely illustrated]

~~~ Please look inside this beautiful book.

Publisher: The Temple Institute / Carta Jerusalem | Author: Rabbi Yisrael Ariel | Language: Hebrew | Pages: 270 | Binding: Hard |Size: 12" X 9" inch. | Out of stock

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