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Chinuch : Contemporary and Timeless

Chinuch : Contemporary and Timeless

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Today’s leading Rabbanim and chinuch experts provide parents and teachers with an unflinching examination of chinuch issues. Their invaluable guidance covers many difficult and sensitive topics such as egocentrism, substance abuse, and divorce.

How does materialism influence our children? How concerned should we be about our children’s sense of entitlement? What can be done with the child who isn’t interested in going to shul? What role should discipline play in today’s families? These and many more crucial issues are examined in the pages of this book. How to select the best school for your child? Is the post high school year in Israel causing a spiritual generation gap? Must tuition be a crisis?

Based upon the timeless values and priorities established by the Torah and an unwavering dedication to masorah, Chinuch: Contemporary and Timeless is a welcome resource.

Author : Torah Web I ISBN 9781614656814 I Cover type : Hardcover

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