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Chodesh L’shana

Chodesh L’shana

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The welfare and livelihood of our brethren is something that is, and should be, of utmost importance to us. In that vein, R’ Moshe Feinstien zt”l ruled that when one is dismissed from his position,his former employer must pay a pension of Chodesh L’shana, one month of pay in return for every year the position was held. Sefer Chodesh L’shana is based on this Psak of R’ Moshe. It discusses the background of the Shaila and explains what R’ Moshe based his Psak on. An important element of the Shaila is what accepted practice is, since we assume that an employer accepts on himself the standard pension in the Jewish world. To show that the accepted norm is indeed a month for a year, Chodesh L’shana includes in it dozens of letters from Batei Din and Rabbonim from all over the world attesting to the fact that they in fact follow the arrangement of a month for a year. The arrangement of Chodesh L’shana, though seemingly new, has its precedent in the Rishonim.The Chinuch (Mitzvah 482) when discussing the Mitzvah of giving gifts to an Eved Ivri who is leaving his servitude, encourages any employer to furnish a worker who is leaving his service with an appropriate send off. Nothing less could be expected of the Jewish people whose Simanim include the Middos of Rachmanim and Gomlei chasadim.

By: Rabbi Zvi Frankel | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 80 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 9.5 inch. X 7 inch. |

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