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Stormy Waters

Stormy Waters

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I ran to my desk, trying hard to keep the tears from falling. What had happened to Ariella? Or rather, which was the real Ariella? 

Deenie loves acting, baking, and drawing. Thanks to her super-dedicated, super-smart BFF, Fraidy, she passes her tests and survives school. Deenie’s been best friends with Fraidy since grade school. What would Deenie do without her? When picture-perfect Ariella moves to their close-knit town and invites Deenie to her luxurious home, with its private indoor pool and live-in maid, Deenie is mesmerized. But along with Ariella’s magnetism comes conflict and confusion. Will Deenie be able to navigate the rocky waters of her friendships? 

In this compelling novel by talented author Devorah Herbst, Deenie struggles to stay afloat as she grapples with intense peer pressure and agonizing indecision. What will it take to steer her life back to calmer water?

Devorah Herbst

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