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My Sefer

Catch A Rainbow

Catch A Rainbow

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I look at Rena, the girl who’s been my best friend for more years than I can count on my fingers.

“It’s okay,” I say. “I’m busy tonight.”

And then I turn and run, run, run, back to my empty room, my empty thoughts, and cry the night away.

Shiffy Muller has it all: a great family, a group of close friends, a coveted position in G.O. Life is perfect… until her father’s illness leads everything to unravel.

A scary diagnosis, a jealous best friend, a patronizing sister-in-law, and a failed G.O. event all combine to make Shiffy’s perfect year as imperfect as it can possibly get. Despite it all, she’s determined to hold her head high and to keep her secret safe.

But will Shiffy’s desperate desire for privacy cost her every friendship she has? Will her need for perfection mean that her G.O. position is in jeopardy? And how will she ever face the world again after the community’s chessed begins pouring in and the secret she’s guarded so tightly becomes public, for all the world to know? Join Shiffy as she learns to brave the storm, dodge the raindrops, and find the rainbow even in the darkest times.

Because even if we can’t make things perfect, we can always find a small ray of sunshine shining between the clouds.

Rochel Samet

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