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The Starlight Sisters - volume 1 :

The Starlight Sisters - volume 1 :

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Four girls.

Four dreams.

Four stars.

My name is Ora M. Weiss. The "M" stands for Miriam, though my mother sometimes says that it stands for "Moody." ”Welcome to the very first volume in The Starlight Sisters, beloved author Libby Lazewnik's new and amazing series.

Lucky Ora. She's got a beautiful voice. She's a whiz at math. And now YES! she's been accepted into Bais Yaakov of Valley Stream, otherwise known as JAPA, the Jewish School for Performing Arts. A unique new school that combines a high-level Bais Yaakov education with intensive training in the performing arts. A school that accepts only the best performers, and trains them to be even better.

To get into JAPA you've got to be good .... no, great ... in either dance, singing or playing a musical instrument. And Ora’s been accepted! How incredible is that!? So if everything is so incredible -why is everything so terrible?

Mostly, it's because Ora is tired of "playing second fiddle." Never the tops, never the champion, always second best. She's second fiddle to her sister, who is loved and admired by everyone, teachers and students alike. And second fiddle to the quiet girl who's managed to steal both the best solo in the choir and Ora's best friend. Join Ora and her fellow "Starlight Sisters" Gali, Chaya, and Penny on their quest to spread their own special "starlight" to the world. And get set for a fantastic performance!

Libby Lazewnik

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