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The Trepid Trilogy #2 - Forward March

The Trepid Trilogy #2 - Forward March

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As the war rages on throughout Pridge, Yechiel Trepid and his unit face their enemies, determined to stay together no matter what. But when a deadly fire tears the unit apart, they are thrust onto the frontlines of a battle that tests the strength of their loyalty in ways they never could've imagined...

Meanwhile, the fame of the Fangalas is growing, with new enemies rising up to lay claim to the Sword of Light, ensnaring Yechiel in their trap. With Yechiel captured, it is up to his unit to bring the heir to the Trepid dynasty back home. 

While Yechiel fights to stay alive, Jake and the others must do the impossible, facing their worst fears as they ultimately prove just how powerful the bonds of their unit can be...

The second book in the thrilling Trepid Trilogy, Forward March takes over where Homeward Bound leaves off, giving readers another heaping dose of action and sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense.

A. Yarden

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