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The Parnes of Cologne: The Trial #2 - Comics

The Parnes of Cologne: The Trial #2 - Comics

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The First Crusade has left a trail of blood, fire, and smoke along the length of the
Rhine River.
The kehillah of Mainz has been wiped out, the Jews of Vermeisa have been
butchered, and when the last survivors of Cologne's Jewish community return
home, they find their streets plundered, lying in charred ruins.

But their leader, Reb Isiel, the Parnas of Cologne, will not give in to despair.Together with Gershom, the refugee and sole survivor from Mainz, he promises
to avenge the slaughtered Jews and rebuild the kehillah.
But then the Bishop appears, with a letter of debt in hand, and all at once the
horizon turns dark.
How did fifteen pounds of gold turn into fifty?

What is the secret behind the antique volume of Gemara?

Why does Gershom throw away the strange ring that was given to him?

And since when does the Emperor of Germany take an interest in public

Once again, Noach Rubin astounds.
The Parnas of Cologne: The Trial 
takes you on bumpy journey to the world of

Ashkenazi Jewry as it was a thousand years ago. This volume is the sequel to

the best-seller,
 The Parnas of Cologne: The Crusading Terror
, which won the

hearts of its readers.

A powerful mix of Jewish history and powerful drama interwoven with

hashkafah, visual appeal, excitement, humor, and faithful rendering of the small

details, this story is retold from the popular novel,
 The Parnas
, by the renowned

author Meir Baram.
A top-quality creation from the production house of Studio Rubin.

Noach Rubin

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