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The Parnes of Cologne The Crusading Terror Comic Story [Hardcover]

The Parnes of Cologne The Crusading Terror Comic Story [Hardcover]

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Hordes of antisemitic Crusaders are marching up the Rhine River, dreaming of taking Jerusalem out of Muslim hands and turning it into a Christian kingdom. In reality, they are burning down villages, slaughtering and looting, and forcing the Jews of Ashkenaz to make a terrible choice - give up their faith for Christianity, or face a cruel death.

In the city of Cologne, where Reb Isiel presides as Parnas of the Jewish community, peace still reigns.

But then two soldiers come to his door, bringing a mysterious package, and the sand begins running rapidly through the hourglass.

How did a young Jew, collapsed from exhaustion, come into the hands of two gentile soldiers?

Why does the Bishop refuse to eat?

Why does Gershom arrive from Mainz with so many sashes tied around his waist?

And why is he carrying a shechitah knife in that strange belt?

And most important - can the Parnas of Cologne save his kehillah from the rampaging Crusaders?

Noach Rubin proudly presents:

An illustrated retelling of The Parnas, a novel by the popular author Meir Baram.

The Parnas of Cologne: Rampaging Terror pulls you back a thousand years in time to a story set against the stormy background of the Crusades and the fate of Ashkenazi Jewry.

It is a rich historical drama that combines Jewish feeling and Jewish Machshava with fascinating characters and skillful illustrations that will make you want to open this book again and again.

And again.

Noach Rubin

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