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Alone Together

Alone Together

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A wedding with no guests? Newly engaged Riki Solomon is planning her dream wedding — gorgeous gown, beautiful hall, hundreds of guests — and can’t wait to start her new life with her chasan, Reuven Klein. But their plans are overturned, leaving them isolated and confused. How will Riki and Reuven’s marriage survive its unexpected start? 

Shimon Bamberger feels unfulfilled in yeshivah. He befriends a shady neighbor and faces temptation that’s hard to resist. Is it too late to build an honest connection to Yiddishkeit?Savta Solomon’s life is in danger, and her family fears for her survival. The doctors are losing hope. Will she pull through? 

Alone Together is a compelling novel by Rachel Pomerantz, renowned author of the bestsellers Bells and PomegranatesOrange Groves, and Bridges Across the World. Join its intriguing characters as they grapple with high-stake decisions and struggle to hold their lives together while keeping their distance 

Rachel Pomerantz

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