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“I didn’t do it. I’m innocent.” Shalom looked Chava directly in the eye. “I need you to believe me.”“I know that.”                                                                                                              Chava looked away.“ No, you don’t. There’s a part of you that doesn’t believe me.” 

Chava Abrams has everything going for her — talent, looks, and money — and she’s thrilled to start married life with her new husband, Shalom. Her parents treat them to luxurious gifts, gourmet suppers, and a lavish vacation. But the picture-perfect marriage falters when Shalom is accused of a shocking crime. Was he set up? Can Chava trust him? And why are her parents so eager to tear them apart? 

Crossroads is a riveting, multilayered story by talented Ami author Chaya Gross. Truth becomes doubt and loyalties unravel as Chava navigates the agonizing decisions in the crossroads of life.

Chaya Gross

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