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Daughters of Dignity - Hard Cover

Daughters of Dignity - Hard Cover

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An inspirational learning program of hashkafa guidelines in the noble mitzvah of tznius.

Mrs. Chana Toby Friedman resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. She has authored three self-improvement books:, Purity of Speech, Daughters of Dignity, and Mastering Patience. These books are being studied by private individuals, learning groups, and schools. They have impacted the lives of thousands of adults and students across the globe.
Mrs. Friedman lectures on the beauty and importance of modesty and guarding one's speech to groups of women and students. She is part of the "Kol Kevudah Movement" - an organization which promotes modesty awareness and education.

By: Chana Toby Friedman | Pages: 266 | Volumes : 1 | Format: Hard Cover |

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