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Depth of Prayer - Understanding Tefillah Through Its Words

Depth of Prayer - Understanding Tefillah Through Its Words

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The Depth of Prayer

In order to better understand the profound meaning underlying each word in the Torah, many of the masterful commentaries apply a linguistic system of groupings whereby certain letters are interchangeable. Through his majestic understanding of each word in the Divine language, Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch uses this powerful method to thread together the endless ocean of words and concepts. This work strives to shed light on each root connection by assembling Rav Hirsch’s dispersed insights throughout his commentaries with the hope of providing a clearer vision of each word and its place in our prayers.

Take an enlightening and inspiring journey toward more meaningful tefillah!

I have no doubt that this collection will enhance the davening of the many who will study it. We owe a debt of gratitude to Rabbi Miller for the enormous work which went into collecting and arranging this work.

-Rabbi Aharon Feldman shlita

[This work] beautifully threads together the insights based on the writings of Rav Shamshon Rafael Hirsch… I believe it will provide readers with a greater understanding of lashon hakodesh and deeper connection to tefillah.

-Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky shlita

by: Rabbi Nosson Miller I Dimensions 6 x 9 I ISBN 9781680254891 I ,Number of pages 192 I Binding type Hard Cover I Publisher Feldheim Publishers

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