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Derashos HaRan 2 Volume Slipcased Set

Derashos HaRan 2 Volume Slipcased Set

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Written by the famous Talmudist and Halachist R' Nissim ben Ruvein (Ran) in the fourteenth century, Derashos HaRan is a collection of homilies (Derashos) that are a classic exposition of the fundamentals of the Jewish religion. This work is newly translated, with explanatory footnotes and cross-references to Ran's other writings, as well as to other Rishonim and authorities who discuss these topics. Each Derashah also has Insights in the back, elaborating on themes and concepts in that Derashah.

Some topics covered in Derashos HaRan:

  • The uniqueness of Moshe's prophecy
  • Israel's experience at Mount Sinai
  • The nature of Rabbinic authority
  • Divine Providence
  • Free Will
  • Reward and punishment in this world and the next
  • The historic struggle between Yaakov and Eisav
  • How God performs miracles in tandem with the laws of nature

Author:- Rabbi Yehuda Meir Keilson | ISBN #: 9781422631744 | Format: Hardcover | Pages: 584 | Dimensions: 7 x 10 inches | Weight: 2.7 LBS | Size : Standard | Color: Green | Language: Hebrew/English | Publisher: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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