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Dieting is Tough - Losing Weight is a Cinch!

Dieting is Tough - Losing Weight is a Cinch!

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A practical and supportive guide to safe dieting, spiced with a touch of humor. Real life situations from the world of a frum woman.

You've attempted a dozen diets or more. You've lost track of how many times you've promised yourself that this time you'll really stick to your goal and lose weight. Over the years, you've shed hundreds of pounds, just to gain them all right back!

How about trying something new for a change? Let go of the diet and start losing weight - once and for all! Here's a little secret: Diets are tough, but losing weight can be much easier than you think!

My approach doesn't require any major lifestyle change or force you to spend your day counting calories. Instead, all I ask is that you leave your battleaxe aside and simply listen to yourself! My approach draws upon the foundations of life coaching and psychodrama, but is presented by someone who always prefers cream cake to lettuce and whose best friend is Chocolate! I oppose starvation rations and engaging in constant battle against the enemy called Food, and I equally respect your desire to eat and your desire to lose weight and will prove to you that these two conflicting interests can coexist peacefully.

This book, based on the weight-loss courses that I lead, is presented in a colorful, amusing and experiential comic format. Spiced with a good dose of humor and several grains of salt, it analyzes typical scenarios taken from our world: The Woman's World.

Over the years, hundreds of course participants and alumnae have learned to really listen to themselves. Best of all, they have lost considerable amounts of weight and managed to maintain their new weight long-term, regardless of what was happening in their lives.

So why not give yourself the chance? You've got nothing to lose, except your weight!

By: Rachel Lambersky

Author: Rachel Lambersky,,Dimensions: 6" X 9",,Format: Hardcover,,Illustrator: A.Z. Bernstein,,ISBN: 978-1-60091-430-0,,Length: 216,,Media: Book,,Publisher: Tfutza Publications

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