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Do You Want to Know Shas?

Do You Want to Know Shas?

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Do you go to a shiur but don't have time for a full review? Do you want
to recall what you have learned better? Are you celebrating a siyum and
would like to go quickly through the messechta to recall the main
points of each daf? Do you enjoy answering questions?
If so, Do You Want To Know Shas?, written by Rabbi Michoel Fletcher, in
his well-known reader-friendly style, with interesting questions on each
daf, is for you. Enjoy.

Rabbi Fletcher, about whom gedolei hador have
written haskamos testifying to his halachic proficiency
and his Torah hashkafa, is an educator of over forty
years experience. He has a rare ability to communicate
with young and old, the seasoned scholar and the raw
beginner alike. All his sefarim on halacha and hashkafa
are enjoyed throughout the Jewish world.

“My wife and I learned your sefer together. We learned hilchos brachos and it
was great for our shalom bayis. Thank you.” (Y.M. Brooklyn)
“Our family learned your sefer every week at Shalosh Seudos. We all enjoyed
it and we just made a siyum!” (L.B. Lakewood)

Author: Rabbi Michoel Fletcher I ISBN 9781614656876 I Menucha Publishers

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