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Echoes of Eden Sefer Vayikra

Echoes of Eden Sefer Vayikra

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We strive for holiness, but the quest is so elusive. And yet, the path toward holiness is embedded within the Torah’s words, for all who seek to grapple with them. With striking insight, Rabbi Ari Kahn draws out of the book of Vayikra meaningful instructions for attaining holiness – in our nation, in our relationships with our loved ones, and within ourselves.
Also, titled In Search of Holiness, this is the third in a five-volume Me'orei Ha'Aish: Fire and Flame series on the weekly Torah portion, published jointly by Gefen Publishing House and the OU.

Praise for Rabbi Ari Kahn's writings

Rabbi Ari Kahn... has proven himself to be both a profound thinker and gifted communicator. These combined talents have made him uniquely successful in communicating the depth and relevance of Torah to thousands of Jews from all over the world.
Rabbi Noah Weinberg

…fuses information, interpretation and insight.
Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein

My friend and colleague Rabbi Ari Kahn is gifted with the natural ability to extract-combine-create Torah that provokes mind and heart to reach new levels of awe and appreciation of the beauty of the intertwining of the totality of Torah with itself.

May the author continue to inspire us all with his beautiful creative works of Torah.
Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovitz

.. brilliantly, and with integrity. It also captivates the reader-learner. It focuses the teachings of the Midrash masterfully on a wide range of the existential-intellectual dilemmas of our time.
Rabbi Nachman Bulman, Jerusalem

I found Rabbi Kahn's essays interesting and exciting – gourmet food for thought…
Rabbi Zev Leff

I am certain that his writings will have a major impact on all readers, for they are full of innovative ideas which strengthen Torah and faith.
Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman

By: Rabbi Ari D. Kahn| Language: English| Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard | Size: 9.3/4 x 7 inch. | ISBN-13: 9789652295927 |

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