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Ein Mazal L'Yisrael - Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson

Ein Mazal L'Yisrael - Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson

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"How do stars affect our lives" is a subject of widespread interest. The Talmud explains that there is definitely an astrological effect on people and on the world. The Jew, however, is not subject to this influence if he leads a life of Torah and mitzvot. This book has attempted to explain the significance that each of the months, each governed by an astrological sign, holds for the Jewish People. [available in English too]

~~~ Please look inside for content and details about this fascinating book.

By: Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson | Publisher: Yarid Hasfarim | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 98 | Binding: Hard |

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