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Emet L'Yaakov - Rabbi Yaakov Shaltiel

Emet L'Yaakov - Rabbi Yaakov Shaltiel

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A dictionary of kabbalistic terms used in Etz Chaim, Mevo Shearim & Shaar HaHakdamot, by the order of the alef-bet.
Also included Rabbi Shaltiel's book, Sefat Emet. A commentary on the kavanot of the Tefilla. [Rashi/Hebrew letters]

~~~ Please look inside.

By: Rabbi Yaakov Shaltiel | Publisher: Yeshivat HaChaim Ve'Hashalom | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 280 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 8 inch. X 12 inch. |New Edition

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