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Eternal Fire of Sefer Vayikra

Eternal Fire of Sefer Vayikra

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A Clear Comprehensive Anthologized Commentary.

Eternal Fire. Eternal Messages.

Of the five Books of the Torah, Sefer Vayikra is generally regarded as the most inaccessible. Especially in modern times, the concepts of sacrifices and ritual purity are difficult for us to comprehend. Yet this Sefer is an integral and vital part of the Torah given to us. Though the smallest of the Five Books of Torah, it holds by far the most mitzvahs. Indeed, the Sages spoke of its centrality: "Two Books on one side, two on the other, and Toras Kohanim [i.e. Sefer Vayikra] in the center."

Eternal Fire of Vayikra gives us the opportunity to understand the many important concepts and teachings of Sefer Vayikra in clear, readable language. Important background information from a wealth of sources helps us comprehend even the most esoteric parts of the avodah. Eternal Fire of Vayikra also features many charts and more than 25 appendices that help us follow the sacred rites and rituals performed by the Kohanim.

The study of the laws of the avodah, the Sages say, takes the place of actually performing that Service. As we pore over the words of Sefer Vayikra and reach a new understanding of the avodah, we not only prepare ourselves for the great day when the Temple will stand - we actually help bring that day closer!

ISBN #: 9781422620502 / Format: Hardcover / Pages: 500 / Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches / Weight: 3.8 LBS / Published By: ArtScroll Shaar Press / Release Date: 03/21/2018 / Size: Coffee Table

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