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Famous Gemaras

Famous Gemaras

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Talmud Bavli is a combination of two distinct types of texts—halachah, which teaches us how to act, and Aggadah, which teaches us how to think. While the halachic portion is regarded as intricate and complicated, demanding careful study and attention to all its minute details, the Aggadic portion of the Talmud has historically received much less attention.

In this beautifully illustrated work, Gershon Schwartz has highlighted the key lessons expressed by famous Aggadahs, returning them to their rightful role as critical sources of Jewish discourse and values.

“I therefore highly commend you for this beautiful work.…in which you highlighted both hashkafic ideas and points to ponder, making this an engaging and thought-provoking sefer, which can bring both young and old to connect with the yiras Shamayim and middos tovos embedded in these Gemaras.”

Rabbi Reuven Feinstein

Rabbi Gershon Schwartz has been involved in chinuch for over ten years, with his latest job being a mashpia ruchani at the Mesivta High School of Greater Philadelphia. With a passion for helping young adults, Rabbi Schwartz takes pride in the informal chinuch of helping his talmidim navigate through life with guidance and direction. He currently practices as an executive and performance coach, helping others live the best lives they can be living by maximizing their potential. He resides in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, with his wife and son.

In collaboration with families and talmidos, Mrs. Malka Weisman has produced a book that highlights the noble deeds and characters of these outstanding women, so that we can apply their practical teachings to our everyday lives.

Artist Dr. Leslie Michal Elder has succeeded in capturing the nobility of twenty-two tzidkaniyos through her brilliant full-color oil portraits. The portraits draw the reader in and make the book appealing and relatable to bnos Yisrael of all ages.

Whether you are just becoming a bas mitzvah, are already a venerable grandmother, or are at any other life stage, these narratives offer an authentic echo of our Imahos to learn from. Like a cherished companion, this treasury flows with timeless wisdom, whispering guidance on the path towards our greatest selves.

“This work distills gems from the lives of some of our finest heroines, tailored to nurture the growth of our daughters.”

Rav Mattisyahu Chaim Salomon, zt”l

“Toras Imecha stirs the heart toward yiras Shamayim and good middos.”

Rav Nechemia Kaplan

“I hope, that all the great, chashuva ladies who are mentioned in this book will serve as role models to the readers for what a real bas Yisrael is.”

Rebbetzin Shoshana Gifter

“Your scrupulous research has painted a breathtaking tapestry of the n’shei chayil that touched our world. Each one is captured in small vignettes that highlight relevant lessons for today’s frum woman.”

Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner

“This masterpiece of a book will surely serve to show women of all ages the heights to which they can aspire.”

Rebbetzin Malka Paretzky

Rabbi Gershon Schwartz

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