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My Sefer

Formerly My Sister - Scratch and Dent

Formerly My Sister - Scratch and Dent

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A Novel

One of the greatest fears a person can have is that someone has penetrated their most private thoughts. There are no more secrets; no emotion that has not been held up to scrutiny.

Brachi feels terrible that she has been chosen to explore volume after volume of the diaries of her older, estranged sister Gita. She comforts herself that those like Gita who are already in the next world, have no interest in what goes on here, in this world.

A brutal terrorist attack leaves Gita's six children orphans. Gita's diaries reveal to Brachi all the questions no one has been willing or able to resolve about her childhood.

With her father seeking medical treatment abroad, Brachi, dispatched with Gita to their grandmother's house, fades into the background and ends up woefully neglected. Gita's own words, read posthumously, reveal all that occurred behind the scenes. Painful as it was for Brachi to read, it was also a comfort to know that people had cared about her after all; she was just too young to understand. At the same time, Brachi and her sister Malka race to clear their sister's name. Was she a traitor or innocent?

No one can be sure, and Gita is no longer here to defend herself.

Until it is discovered, to everyone's shock, that the dead are able to speak.

Follow the story of the sisters - estranged in life, reunited in death - and with a future yet to be determined.

By Tamar Mor

Tamar Mor

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