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Foundling - Ruthie Pearlman

Foundling - Ruthie Pearlman

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Yael has a new case. This time it's personal. Supersleuth Yael Reed was abandoned as a baby and left in a basket outside the hospital. Her mother doesn't want anything to do with her. Her father disappeared years ago after a fatal accident; case closed - or is it? Yael is determined to uncover the truth. She takes her first ever trip abroad - to Israel - to search for clues.

Working undercover as an au pair for a mysterious family, Yael discovers a shocking secret. Ignoring warnings to be cautious, she travels to the grimy backstreets of Cairo, Egypt, where one false step could destroy all her hopes for the future.

Foundling is the fifth book in best-selling author Ruthie Pearlman's wildly popular School of Secrets, Lockdown, Disappeared, and Whispers, series. Join tenacious daredevil Yael Reed on her most dramatic - and dangerous - mission yet.


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