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Good Kids Vol. 1

Good Kids Vol. 1

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Fascinating True Stories About Good Children Like You

Something goes very wrong during Bentzy's haircut. What thank-you gift does he give his friends afterward? And can they even be called friends?

Aryeh doesn't like his grandfather's treats. What happens 

when he suddenly wants just one more?
Chaim Dov is newly orphaned of his mother. He decides to be very kind to his father and not tell him how sad he feels. Is it the right thing to do? Will it make things easier?

Yehudah has a fever - so why is he being forced to go to  cheder? 

And what happens thirty-two years later?
Duvi insists on dragging his father to the big shul on Shavuos night. But will they be in the beis midrash or in the kitchen?

Elimelech is the king of the class, and he makes an embarrassing mistake. Can anything convince him to admit it?

A collection of fascinating true stories about good children like you, from bestselling author Moshe Gutman

Stories about all the different parts of your lives, at home, school and shul. Stories about your thoughts and feelings, your friends and family. Stories that will increase your inner strength and your love of chessed.

As you read, you will surely find yourselves among the heroes of the book. And you'll be happy to learn that there is always a good path that you can follow, and that every situation has a good solution.

Moshe Gutman

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