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Great Jewish Haggadah

Great Jewish Haggadah

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An Immersive Seder Experience through Powerful Images and Profound Lessons of Torah Personalities


This stunning addition to Rabbi Moshe Bamberger’s much-hailed “Great Jewish ….” series brings us a Haggadah like no other – one that will ensure a meaningful and unforgettable Seder experience.

The text of the Haggadah, with the classic ArtScroll translation and instructions, is clearly laid out on one side of this stunning full-color Haggadah. The facing page provides a scintillating thought and captivating image relating to the part of the text that is highlighted, including powerful quotes from our Sages, each with a brief explanatory commentary, set upon a beautifully-designed backdrop of evocative photographs and images.

Rabbi Moshe Bamberger

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