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HaChut HaMeshulash - Torah Commentary: R' Chananel, Rashbam, Radak, Seforno

HaChut HaMeshulash - Torah Commentary: R' Chananel, Rashbam, Radak, Seforno

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The selection of these four authors: Rabbeinu Chananel, Rash'bam, R'dak, and Seforno, was prompted by the desire to acquaint the reader with exegetes who concentrate in the main on the peshat, the meaning of the text as it strikes the reader at the first cursory perusal of the text.

Rabbeinu Chananel (born approximately 975) was the head of the Yeshiva in Kairuan, which became internationally recognized as a great center of learning.

Rabbi Shmuel ben Meir (Rashbam) (approximately 1085 - 1174) was one of the grandsons of Rashi, and is well known for his concentration on the literal meaning of the text.

Rabbi David Kimchi (R'dak) (1160 - 1235) was born in Narbonne, wrote commentary on the Tanach, and is well known for his major work dealing with grammar of the Holy Tongue, Sefer Hashorashim.

Rabbi Ovadiah Seforno (born 1470) served as the Rabbi of Rome for over 30 years and was a physician.

The translator, Rabbi Eliyahu Munk, was born in Frankfurt on Main, where he received his education at the Samson Rafael Hirsch Realschule, and the Yeshiva of the late Rabbi Joseph Breuer, of blessed memory. He continued his education at the Yeshiva in Gateshead, England. He served in Jewish education (primarily as a teacher) for almost 30 years in Toronto, Canada.

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Publisher: Urim Publications | Language: English | Volumes: 4 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 6 3/4 inch. X 9 3/4 inch. |Now complete in 4 Vol.

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