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Halachic Solutions to Contemporary Civil Issues Volume 2

Halachic Solutions to Contemporary Civil Issues Volume 2

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The coat I found during the winter is taking up space in our front closet… What should I do with it?

Does one who lends money on the internet and isn't aware if the borrower is Jewish require a heter issko?

When is a non-compete clause valid?

If a shul uses the local school to make a minyan on Shabbos and the son of a mispaleil damages school property who is liable?

Every day, situations arise and we find ourselves wondering how to proceed. What does the Torah want from us? How does Hashem wish to see us conduct ourselves? What does da'as Torah say about the matter?

One thread unites us all: the burning desire to do the right thing in the eyes of G-d and other humans.

In Halachic Solutions II, an appealing, vivid and delightful collection of questions and answers allow us a rare glimpse into the workings of Hashem's inner sanctum, the dalet amos of Halacha.

Mosdos Ma'ane Simcha of the Institute for Dayanim, the world-renowned Torah institution for educating and producing leading dayanim in the Torah world maintains an active website. The questions pour in daily, from all over the world. A staff of competent dayanim and poskim answer the inquiries and try to help the questioner in every way possible. This book contains an excerpt of real questions that were posed to the rabbonim along with their answers and references for further study of the matter. Written with wit and humor, this collection promises an enriching and insightful read.

by : Institute for Dayanim I Dimensions: 6X9 I Binding: Hard Cover / 300 pages I Published by: Distributed By Feldheim

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