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Halakhic Times for Home and Traveler

Halakhic Times for Home and Traveler

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World-Wide Times-of-Day tables with Halachic foundations and permanent calendar.

Third expanded edition replaces Jewish Chrononomy. This volume consists primarily of two parts concerning the Jewish calendar and times-of-day of significance in Jewish law.

The material is prefaced with a brief summary of halakhic instructions for the traveler. "The Jewish Calendar" consists primarily of a set of tables which constitute a "permanent" Jewish calendar. The period covered extends from the begining of the fixed calendar until the year 6000 (2240 C.E.). The date of each Shabbos durring each year is given. Additional tables provide a conversion between Jewish and civil dates.

"Times of Day" includes tables to determine the beginning and end of the halakhic day, candle lighting time, etc. for any point on earth, except the circumpolar regions, on any day of the year. Four values are given for the end of day (twilight) based on all important opinions. There is also an essay on the astronomical problems involved, together with a summary of the halakhic difficulties and their sources. An extensive review of these is included in the Hebrew section.

By: Leo Levi | Publisher: Reuven Mass | Language: English-Hebrew | Pages: 365 | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard |out of stock

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