HaMafteach Le'Talmud Bavli (Compact Size)

HaMafteach Le'Talmud Bavli (Compact Size)

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The HaMafteach is a groundbreaking literary achievement: It is a comprehensive alphabetical Index - cataloging topics, terms, concepts, Sages' sayings, parables, anecdotes - all in one convenient, easy-to-use volume. Pick a term, look it up, and discover a user-friendly listing of where the subject is discussed throughout the Babylonian Talmud.

The HaMafteach features: Approximately 6,600 major subject Entries; 27,000 minor Sub-Entries; and 42,000 Talmudic reference sources.

The HaMafteach is ideal for students who wish to locate a particular topic; rabbis and teachers who wish to learn or discuss a subject from various sources or prepare for a class; or for a speaker or author looking to gather source or reference material.This volume is in alphabetical order by subject, in Hebrew.

Publisher: Koren | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard | Pages: 506 | Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 inch. | ISBN: 9789653018372 |

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