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Harvest of Kindness

Harvest of Kindness

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In Harvest of Kindness, noted talmid chacham and popular author Rabbi Yehuda Steinberg goes beyond the basic, seemingly simple storyline of Megillas Rus and extracts its underlying, central themes. From every perek emerge themes. From every perek emerge themes of timeless value: modesy, self-secrifice, and the power of kindness. Using the words of Chazal and classic commentaries, the author presents a beautiful array of midrashim, parables, and anecdotes to illustrate the Megillah's profound relevance for every individual in every generation. With clear, beautifully written langeuage, he illustrates how we can practically apply its eternal messaged to our own lives.

Now revised and greatly expanded, Harvest of Kindess is both inspiring and an invaluable resource for rabbis, educators, and anyone who wants to deepen his understanding and appreciation of Megillas Rus

Dimensions: 6" x 9",ISBN: 978-156871-548-3,Weight: 1.6130 lbs,Binding: Hard Cover / 312 pages,Published by: Distributed by Feldheim Publishers

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