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Headlines 3

Headlines 3

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In a rapidly changing world, Orthodox Jews turn to halacha as both their anchor and their source of guidance for navigating the increasingly complex life that we live, with the firm, passionate belief that our ancient texts are no less relevant now than they were millennia ago. Headlines 3, like the first two volumes, presents a variety of case studies showing just how true this is, exploring the application of timeless halachic and ethical principles to the problems and issues facing 21st-century society, including burning topics such as racism, the role of women, and the coronavirus pandemic.

“In an increasingly polarized and politicized world, R’ Dovid Lichtenstein’s consistent coverage of the Headlines of our day from the perspective of Torah, halacha, faith, and values is not only refreshing and informative but critical. Each episode and every chapter challenges us to consider multiple and diverse points of view, all bound by a fidelity to our Torah and mesorah.
R’ Dovid’s extraordinary knowledge, combined with his insatiable thirst to listen, learn, and consider make us all both more informed and more inspired.”
— Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, senior rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue


“Highly original and a delightful study....”
— Rabbi Dovid Cohen, Gvul Yaavetz, Brooklyn, NY

“Shedding light on serious halachic queries with great clarity.”
— Rabbi Mordechai Ze’ev Yoffen, Beis Yosef – Novardok, Brooklyn, NY


“I have seen a little of the outstanding work Mishna Acharona...and it is an outstanding compendium, and I, too, enjoyed it...”
— Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky

“The Mishna Acharona... by the acclaimed Rav HaGaon Dovid Lichtenstein shlit”a contains an entire treasure trove... He should continue writing and disseminating on all of Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim... Although he is burdened by business ventures, his Torah is primary, and fortunate he is to have merited this.”
— Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch

“I was very happy to receive pages from your book Mishna Acharona there is also great value in producing this book, to show that it is possible to fulfill ‘You shall gather your grain’ without leaving entirely the walls of the beis midrash, as my master and father zt”l blessed you that you should be immersed in Torah learning at all times and in all situations. Fortunate you are that you have merited to fulfill his words....”
— Rabbi Reuven Feinstein

“The book Mishna Acharona on the Mishna Berura is an outstanding compendium.... HaGaon Rav Dovid Lichtenstein shlit”a is truly accomplished for having expended great efforts for the sake of Torah.”
— Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl

Author Dovid Lichtenstein I ISBN 9781614655688 I Pages 512 I Cover Type Hardcover

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