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Healthy Life Based on Torah [Торе ЗДОРОВАЯ ЖИЗНЬ ПО ТОРЕ]

Healthy Life Based on Torah [Торе ЗДОРОВАЯ ЖИЗНЬ ПО ТОРЕ]

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How to look after your health according to the Torah and modern knowledge

I guarantee that anyone who behaves as we pointed out, will not get sick all his life until his death in old age, and there is no need of a physician, and his body is whole and for life to maintain your health. Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, Maimonides (1135-1204) (Hilchot geom)

Said the wise man: "People lose their health to gain more money, and then lose all their money to restore their health ..."


Preface 18
Introduction 21

Chapter One - Background to the health of the Torah
1.1 Rabbis of duties
monitor the health of s2
1.2 Health care - the imperative commandment of the Torah 34
1.3 Chafetz Chaim calls to monitor their health .36
1.4 And Choose Life 37
1.5 The ratio of Jewish law to the opinion of the doctor 39
Medicine 1.6 - general and personal 41
1.7 Private hospital card 44
1.8 Trust, but ask 45

Chapter Two - all in the hands of Heaven 50

Chapter Three - Natural body care based on Kitsur Shulchan Aruch, 32 ... 61

Chapter Four - what is permitted and forbidden in food namesake 69

4.1 Sugar 71
4-2 Sweetened beverages and artificial sweeteners 77
4.3 Sol 8o
4-4 white flour 85
4-5 Fatty foods 87
4-6 Fried foods 89

Chapter Five - Proper digestion - the key to your health 91

5-1 Meaning of mastication in the digestive
during the 91
5-2 When I eat, I am deaf and dumb 96
5-3 value of saliva in the digestive process 97
5-4 Do not go to sleep for two hours after a meal 98
5-5 advisable to drink while eating 99
5-6 Damage overeating 105
5-7 Physical Education in the service of digestion 110
8.5 Summary of recommendations on
Power 111

Chapter Six - Water supply of the body 113
The desired mode of drinking 114

Chapter Seven - The protein supply 119

Chapter Eight - The importance of withdrawal of toxins from the body 122

Chapter Nine - Life without diabetes 130

Chapter Ten - Blood pressure 139

Eleventh Chapter - General recommendations 142

11.1 Breakfast 142
11.2 Dinner 143
11.Z Dream 144
Heartburn 11.4 146
11.5 Caring for your gums and teeth 146
11.6 Halitosis 149
11.7 Care of the optic nerve 150
11.8 Care of the neck 152
11.9 Working at a computer 153
11.10 Obesity - the problem of the current generation 153
11.11 Vnutribryushnoedavlenie 156
11.12 How to walk 157
11.13 Exercise to strengthen the pelvic 158
11.14 Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the legs 158
11.15 Prevention of falling in the elderly 159
11.16 The density of bone mass i6i
11.17 Vitamin D 162
11.18 Foot 164
11.19 Risk of aluminum cookware 165
11.20 Spray insect 165
11.21 Barbecue and microwave 165
Persimmon 11.22 i6, 5
11.23 Pistachios 166
11.24 Orange 166
11.25 Vitamins and Minerals 166
11.26 Folic Acid 166
11.27 Vitamin B12 167
11.28 Sitting on wood and stone 167
11.29 Taking care of hearing 167

Chapter Twelve - 171 yeshiva students

Chapter Thirteen - Healthy and wise parents 177

Chapter Fourteen - Smart young 179

Chapter XV - Rules of Conduct before Yom Kippur 184

Chapter Sixteen - Smoking - the threat of our time 187

Table of calculation of body mass index on BM1 193


Your attention is invited to work on health issues in the light of the Torah and the knowledge gained from our current medical sources.

What prompted me to write this book?

By the great mercy of the Creator, even from a young age my father and teacher, Rabbi Salman, the son of Rabbi Menashe Vektona, but his memory be blessed, who left this world Teve-fourth that of the year 5765, and - yes it will last for years - my mother raised me under reasonable rules in all that relates to the natural forces that need to make to take care of health. Years passed, and the issue has become even more close to me due to the fact that I served my rabbi and teacher, Rabbi Elazar Menachem Shah, and I had to deal with so many things related to his health. To strive for health - a direct duty of every religious Jew, and my rabbi and teacher treated her with diligence and consistency. In my book I gave him a grain of St. behavior in these matters. It is appropriate to recall the good of the late Professor, Rabbi Haim Amram, the son of Rabbi Masud and Rachel Abuhatsera, let their memory be blessed, who died of the second accident of the year 5758, at which I learned a lot of knowledge about healthy lifestyles.

Taking care of health in addition to direct responsibility, of course, is also a great privilege. Who does not dream about longevity? Who does not want to live a full, healthy life with minimal disruptions and maximize opportunities to fulfill their mission in this world? And do not say, "It's not up to us. All - in the hands of heaven. " As you can see by reading this book, especially the first three chapters, and the era of the Talmud sages, and later alahicheskie authorities point to the close relationship between care about health, longevity and quality of life, with the help of heaven.

When I meet people whose facial expressions and their whole appearance indicates that it is not good that they live wrongly, that their quality of life is poor already today, and who knows what else they can expect in the future, I ask them a question about how they live. They humbly respond to me, "Well, what can we can do about it?" By "this" refers to obesity, cigarettes, blood sugar imbalances, weak kidneys, high and low blood pressure, etc. etc. And every time I am amazed again and again to general ignorance. Just after the first few words of explanation applies to all listeners listening and willing to listen to again and again. He wants me to explain a little more, wrote and sent to him. It seems that for the first time in his life he hears about it all.

These meetings gave rise to the idea of ​​creating this book. In fact, this topic deserves a separate essay, a large, volume and much more detailed publication with a diverse array of links, quotes, etc. But between aspiration and reality until there was a place that only this works, written in simple, accessible language, which in condensed form contains all the necessary practical basis.

Our body is made miraculously, and said (Iyov 19:26): "From my flesh I shall see Gd." We will never be able to fully comprehend all of the processes. Our task is only interested person to say there did not seem inexplicable decrees, and every indication would be accompanied by explanations, sometimes short, sometimes quite lengthy. All of this - in order to facilitate you, the reader, the realization of these important principles of responsible care with God's help in life.

It is important to stress that the book is not some kind of a "system of natural food" or a special diet, and the basic rules of healthy living that are necessary and available to everyone regardless of age, gender, etc. Their goal - to break away from all that is harmful to health and to take the responsibility to correct behavior that with God's help and protection alienate you from the risk of getting sick.
It is important to remember a simple and reasonable rule of thumb is much easier to prevent than to cure it.
If you hurry, you can skip the first two chapters (but not the third, containing the principles of preventive medicine at Rambam), but it would be better not to. Because that's what these chapters you can get the same charge of spiritual energy, which is so necessary for the transition to the next stage - the stage of action. Moreover, I am convinced that you will find there are many new and it can change your whole outlook, "built" on our holy sources. I hope you will benefit greatly from this book and in consequence will learn more than is written here. And most importantly - forward to the action!

I wish you good health, with God's help
Rabbi Yehezkel Askhaek

The greatest gift that we can give our children - is to be named "healthy parents!"

Compiled by: Rabbi Yechezkel Aschaek I Language: Russian I Format: 6x9, Hardcover, 192pp

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