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Hillel and the Paper Menschies

Hillel and the Paper Menschies

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When Hillel wakes up one morning feeling achy all over, his parents take him to the hospital. There, he meets Sad, Mad, and Scared, who are so noisy that he can't hear himself think. A nurse tells him to lie down inside a Big Machine so they can see what's wrong, but Hillel is too scared to go in by himself. But then, his mother has an idea. She takes a notepad from her bag and draws little helpers - the Paper Menschies!

The Paper Menschies come to life to cheer Hillel up, support him, and help fight off Sad, Mad, and Scared throughout his journey of recovery.

Kids, too, must sometimes face life's challenges, small or big. Hillel and the Paper Menschies shows us that it is possible to make the journey with mindfulness, resilience and creativity...and sometimes, it can even be a fun ride!

Created & written by Mindy Blumenfeld

Co-written & illustrated by Marc Lumer

Mindy Blumenfeld and Marc Lumer

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