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Holiday Series - Passover

Holiday Series - Passover

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Its observance, laws and significance. A presentation based on Talmudic and traditional sources.

The Festival of Freedom and our national birthday, Passover is the first of the appointed seasons.

What is the significance to us of an event that took place 33 centuries ago?
What are the special laws of an Erev Pesach that falls on the Sabbath?
How have Jews over the years enriched their lives through the messages of Passover?
What meaning can we find in its abundance of rituals and customs?
What is the unique content of the festival’s prayers?

This book, part of the popular ArtScroll Holiday Series, draws together several elements of the holiday’s history, underlying meaning, and observances. It is a selection from many sources, each of its sections filled with information and inspiration that will add flavor to the holiday for any reader.

The Overview presents a philosophical perspective on the meaning and purpose of Passover.
The insights offer a cross section of anecdotes, ideas. and comments, culled from a broad range of traditional sources.
The Laws provide the background as well as the practical application of the general laws of Pesach with a comprehensive treatment of Erev Pesach that falls on the Sabbath.
Drawn from the rich lodes of Jewish thought and practice, this book will help the reader absorb the spirit and hear the call of the holiday. The better we understand the deeper content of Passover and what it represents, the better we will absorb its message for all times and places.

By: R' Shimon Finkelman & R' Moshe Lieber | Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 176 | Binding: Hard |

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