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I'm a Winner #5 - Taking Only with Permission

I'm a Winner #5 - Taking Only with Permission

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Kibbud Av V'Em

I'm Stronger than the Yetzer Hara

Yitzy apologized once more and said then,

"I won't do it ever again!

Without permission I'll never take.

This time it was a big mistake!"

And Mommy patted Yitzy's head.

"You've learned an important lesson," she said.

SMALL VICTORIES is a series of stories from everyday life, which show young children the necessity of dealing with the yetzer hara and winning victories over it. The topic covered in this book is "taking only with permission." The stimulating story, taken from the world of young children, and the charming illustrations, work together to convey an educational message about asking permission, and how to deal with mistakes and do teshuvah when they don't succeed in overcoming the yetzer hara.

The story encourages children to achieve more and more victories, small and big.



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