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In the Splendor of the Maggid

In the Splendor of the Maggid

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Enthralling stories of inspiration and introspection.

An American Maggid. An American Legend. A brand-new collection in the bestselling "Maggid Series"

•Where did the Ohr HaChaim's tefillin disappear to - and what does it have to do with texting today?
•What is the lesson of 9/11 that Rabbi Krohn remembers daily?
•How did some casual words spoken at a shivah save two people's lives on a snowy morning in Flatbush?

Rabbi Paysach Krohn is, indeed, a legend in the world of Torah literature, a beloved author and speaker whose collections of true stories have broken all sales records. More than just a storyteller, Rabbi Krohn interjects his own warm and penetrating comments, layering a great story with meaning and giving it the power to transform our lives.

Rabbi Krohn crisscrosses the planet, finding the unusual, the unique, and the breathtaking. In this brand new collection, we hear amazing true stories that took place in Warsaw and Williamsburg, Chicago and Vilna, in the tree-lined Catskills and a small village in Greece.

This newest volume will continue to delight the hundreds of thousands of readers who have made the "Maggid Series" the bestselling series of its kind.

ISBN-13: 9781422613238,Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 320,Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.40 LBS,Published: November 2012

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