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Introspection, Teshuva, Personality, & Change: A Map

Introspection, Teshuva, Personality, & Change: A Map

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What is it about us that makes variety pleasurable and change less desirable?
The common thinking as to why change is less attractive holds the belief that we are creatures of habit. Taken a step further, we know that personal attitudes towards change can vary greatly. Some changes, like buying a new hat or tie are relatively easy. Unquestionably, we are most resistant to change when it involves changing our own habits, beliefs, or behaviors.

So, don't buy this book for someone else. Its purpose is to help you change yourself. Better to read this before personal distress forces us to make dramatic changes in our lives.

The premise of this book is that introspection and teshuvah, Judaism's formula for self-change, not only change our spiritual trajectory, they allow us to enhance and enrich our lives. These powerful vehicles can also transform personal change into a life-giving habit.

Author : Rabbi Dr. Peter M. Rosenzweig I Pages : 296 I Language : English I Binding : Hardcover

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