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Israel: Panoramic Views - Enchanting Sites and Landscapes

Israel: Panoramic Views - Enchanting Sites and Landscapes

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Israel as you've never seen it before…

Take a magical journey through the length and breadth of Israel with the sweeping views and beautifully-crafted photographs of this magnificent book.

From the snow-capped Hermon in the north, to haunting vistas of the Negev in the south; from the banks of the Jordan to the majestic Mediterranean coastline, every page is a visual masterpiece as it captures the essence and spirit of the Holy Land. Plus: each page, via computer, allows you access to virtual tours of that view filled with fascinating images and added insights.

With this stunning visual portrait, you can now visit the land of Israel from your armchair or anywhere. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Dimensions: 12"x 9.5",ISBN: 978-965-923430-1,Weight: 3.3690 lbs,Binding: Large Format / 260 pages ,Published by: Distributed by Feldheim,

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