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Junior Sfas Tamim

Junior Sfas Tamim

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For the Entire Family
Adapted from Kuntres Sfas Tamim

40 Days to Honesty and Integrity in Speech and in Action

Sefer Sfas Tamim
, written by the holy Chafetz Chaim, deals with the destructive trait of mirmah - deceit. Now, there is an exciting, new way for teens and adults to learn Sfas Tamim daily, straight from the source!

Many may associate mirmah with business dealings, but in truth, it is extremely relevant in all aspects of daily life as well. Men, women, and children regularly come across scenarios in which their honesty and integrity are tested, both in speech and in action, and thus it is imperative that we all learn the halachos and correct approach to dealing with this challenge.

Junior Sfas Tamim
 has been written in the same highly-acclaimed format as the popular Junior Chafetz Chaim and Junior Shemiras Halashonbooks. It is a simple-to-understand English adaptation of Sefer Sfas Tamimthat sticks as closely as possible to the actual words of the Chafetz Chaim. The writing is crystal-clear and student-friendly, enabling tweens and teens - and adults too! - to easily study the exact lessons of the Chafetz Chaim on this subject, the way he himself wrote and presented them.


  • Arranged in 40 daily segments.
  • Includes call-out boxes such as "Zoom In," "Good Point," "Words of Wisdom," and "Amazing Fact," to pique the interest of the reader - also all directly based on the Chafetz Chaim's own words and explanations.
  • Real-life examples were added to the lessons, to illustrate how each point could practically play out in our lives.
  • Enthusiastically endorsed by rabbanimrabbeim, teachers, and parents - as well as kid-tested and approved!

Dimensions: 8.5" X 11" I Format: Hardcover I ISBN: 979-8-88673-033-3 I Length: 103 I Media: Book I Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications,

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