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Ka'asher Tziva Hashem, Compact

Ka'asher Tziva Hashem, Compact

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Transform Your Daily Actions With The Power Of One Thought

Earning eternity with just one thought . . . Could there be a better investment?

Doing mitzvos is one of the most fundamental activities of our lives. After all, mitzvos are how we serve Hashem and earn our everlasting reward in the World to Come. We invest so much time, effort, and money into mitzvos — and rightly so. There is, however, one aspect of mitzvah performance that is often overlooked: the kavanah (intent) that we must have in mind while doing them. This kavanah is an integral part of a mitzvah. As the Chofetz Chaim taught, “There is a tremendous difference between a mitzvah performed with kavanah and one performed without!”

Sefer Ka’asher Tzivah Hashem discusses the vital halachah of mitzvos tzrichos kavanah — the obligation to perform our mitzvos with the specific intent that Hashem commanded us to do so. In this sefer, you will learn how this halachah applies to practically everything we do — and how a simple kavanah can transform even the most mundane activities into priceless mitzvos/ikavanah is the neshamah of a mitzvah — the mitzvah’s inner essence and vitality. Like appliances that run on electricity, mitzvos derive their meaning and holiness from the power of the thought that goes into them.

Thousands of Jews worldwide have discovered the life-changing lessons of the original Hebrew Ka’asher Tzivah Hashem, transforming their lives and infusing their mitzvos with meaning and inspiration. As you will discover in this book, it is easy to do so. All that is required is a bit of thought — nothing more!

With dozens of inspiring and thought-provoking stories, as well as a comprehensive list of mitzvos and their kavanos, this sefer is sure to make a real impact on the life of any thinking person.

Rabbi Daniel Garfinkel

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